Jason Brammer in Chicago Art Magazine

Check out this article about my artwork in Chicago Art Magazine.

"Time Machine LI" (shown above) is one of the paintings featured in my new show at Jackson Junge Gallery, opening this Friday, May 6th.

Three Birds on Cherry Blossom Tree

This is recent commissioned painting I completed for a Chicago couple. The imagery is all painted by hand and I gave the surface an aged, crackled finish to complement the style of the piece. I also layered plasters and paint to achieve a textured, weathered look.
Medium: Acrylic, Plaster, Wood, Salvaged Leather, and Metal Bolts on Masonite
[Note: the salvaged leather comes from antique horse gear (bridles, reins, etc)].
Size (h x w): 40" x 30" (masonite box size)

"Into The Deep"

This is an underwater mural I painted recently in a residence in Woodstock, IL. The clients enjoy scuba diving and wanted the piece to feel like you were under the sea, looking out onto a colorful coral reef scene.

Psychedelic Eyeball Mural

I recently created this psychedelic floor mural of eyeballs and swirling color for Eye Want and Eyeporium Gallery, an eye wear shop and gallery in Wicker Park (Chicago, IL). I painted this mural over slate tiles framed out by a metal cut-out installation on the floor. Click here to see more photos of the floor artwork.

Original Painting Installation in a Chicago Recording Studio

I recently completed this custom painting installation for the I.V. Lab Recording Studio in Chicago, IL. This installation was a fine art commission where I conceived, designed, and created the entire project from start to finish. Click here to see more photos of the installation.

Rainforest Treehouse Mural

I did this mural in an elementary/ pre-school in Zionsville, IN. This large mural was painted in two adjoining hallways in the school. It is painted to give the feel that you are walking through a tree house overlooking a rainforest canopy.

The main hallway:

Main hallway, right side:

Detail of wheel transporting contraption shown on photo above:

Close-up of center of wheel:

The main hallway, left side:

A reading tent in the tree house:

Detail of tent:

A coconut water wheel to bring water up from a river below:

Detail of water wheel:

Detail of water wheel:

A dining area for two:

Detail of grapes on the table:

Part of the back hallway - a look-out point with a wooden telescope:

Detail of telescope:

Another view of the back hallway:

A tapestry draped over the treehouse:

Detail of treehouse greenery:

Art Nouveau Peacock Ceiling Mural

This is a ceiling mural of swirling peacock feathers I did in a residence in Chicago. I used an iridescent paint for all of the feathers and some metallic golds. I wanted this to feel like it was delicately flowing around the chandelier.

Greek Temple Mural - New Pics

These are the latest pics from the Greek Temple mural I've been working on throughout the year. This is pretty much finished now. (See the "Trompe L'Oeil Greek Temple" post below for earlier in-progress photos).

View of trompe l'oeil window on left side:

View of trompe l'oeil window on right side:

Rural Antiquity

Just this past week, I painted this stylized, grisaille mural in a Chicago residence. I wanted this to feel like a regionalist mural from the 1930's ala Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood. I stippled over the painting when it was done to lend it an aged feel.